Annual Non-Profit

2017: FRIENDS OF NGONG ROAD ANNUAL SPONSORSHIP OF A YOUNG GIRL Friends of Ngong Road (FoNR), a Minnesota-based 501(c)(3), and Ngong Road Children Association (NRCA), a registered Kenya NGO, operate with the shared mission of providing education and support for impoverished Nairobi children whose families have been affected by HIV/AIDS. The devastation 

caused by HIV/AIDS in Kenya has left the country with approximately 1 million orphaned children and many more living with a surviving HIV+ parent. Children in this program all live in the slums of Dagoretti, Nairobi where the median household income is under two dollars per day. Approximately 50% of the children in the program are orphans and the other 50% live with a surviving HIV+ parent; 5% of children in the program are themselves HIV+. Without the opportunity provided by a high-quality education, these children would be sentenced to lives of continuing poverty and would be an economic drag on Kenyan society. Unfortunately, Kenya’s public education system is not up to the task as it is woefully underfunded and inconsistent in quality. FoNR believes that placing at-risk children in high-performing private schools for primary education and public high schools gives them the best chance of success and will have a long-term positive ripple effect on Kenya, Africa and the world. To learn more, click HERE.

Also in February 2014, and continuing now in 2017, we began an annual sponsorship of a child with the ANGEL’S IN NEED organization whose mission is to serve children with special needs and their families both locally and abroad. Our goal is to enrich the lives of these children and families by supporting already existing programs and organizations devoted to our cause as well as aiding in the

development, implementation and financial support of programs where they are non-existent, all in an attempt to provide the children with opportunity and a sense of community in which to blossom. Angel’s in Need, Inc. operates on a strictly volunteer basis. We are a 100% volunteer, 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. For more information on ANGEL’S IN NEED or to make a donation, please click HERE.

Non-Profit Of The Month

DECEMBER 2017: Zen Hospice Project - The Guest House

The Zen Hospice Guest House is the hub of our organization.  The Guest House is licensed as a Residential Care Facility for the Chronically Ill (RCFCI).  The house is a six-bed residential care facility that offers 24-hour care, seven days a week for those facing advanced illness and end-of-life.  We offer a home-away-from-home setting focused on care and compassion for residents and their families. Those who live at our Guest House usually have a life expectancy of six months or less, and have determined—along with their physicians and families—not to seek a cure, but to pursue comfort and quality of life.  Donate now to ZHP.


NOVEMBER 2017: Dover Children's Home

Dover Children’s Home is dedicated to enriching the lives of adolescents and strengthening their family relationships through the highest quality residential treatment services and educational programs. Our commitment to evolving and designing new treatment programs must set the standard for excellence in the field and enable those children facing life’s most difficult challenges with the means to grow and live healthy, productive, and independent lives.   

OCTOBER 2017: Innocence Project New Orleans (IPNO)

Mission: In Louisiana and Mississippi, the two states with the highest incarceration rates in the world, Innocence Project New Orleans frees innocent prisoners, exposes injustice and prevents wrongful convictions.

Purpose:  Innocence Project New Orleans (IPNO) is a nonprofit law office that represents innocent prisoners serving life sentences in Louisiana and Mississippi at no cost to them or their loved ones, and assists them with their transition into the free world upon their release. IPNO uses its cases to explain how wrongful convictions happen and what we can all do to prevent them. IPNO works with legislators, judges, lawyers, law enforcement and policymakers to protect the innocent within the criminal justice system.

Since its inception in 2001, IPNO has freed or exonerated 29 innocent men. IPNO takes the hardest cases—cases that others are not equipped to. We devote the majority of our time and resources to freeing poor people who will otherwise die in prison for crimes they did not commit. Donate Today.

SEPTEMBER 2017: KIPP Bay Area Schools Essential College Prep Public Education | Courington Law

SEPTEMBER 2017: KIPP Bay Area Schools Essential College Prep Public Education

The mission of KIPP Bay Area Schools (SUMMIT ACADEMY) is to operate high-achieving public schools in educationally underserved communities, developing in our students the knowledge, skills and character essential to thrive in college, shape their futures, and positively impact the world.

KIPP, the Knowledge Is Power Program, is a national network of free, open-enrollment, college-preparatory public schools dedicated to preparing students in underserved communities for success in college and in life. By opening schools in the neighborhoods that need them most, KIPP schools are showing that something very different is possible for students in low-income neighborhoods. In 2013-14, 141 KIPP schools in 20 states and the District of Columbia serve more than 50,000 students. Nationally, KIPP students are enrolling in college at a rate of more than 80 percent, which is double the national average for low-income students. For more information or to donate, click HERE.


THE AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR THE PREVENTION OF CRUELTY TO ANIMALS®  was the first humane society to be established in North America and is, today, one of the largest in the world.  The organization was founded on the belief that animals are entitled to kind and respectful treatment at the hands of humans and must be protected under the law. Headquartered in New York City, the ASPCA maintains a strong local presence, and with programs that extend our anti-cruelty mission across the country, we are recognized as a national animal welfare organization. We are a privately funded 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation, and are proud to boast more than 2 million supporters across the country.  The ASPCA’s mission is to provide effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals throughout the United States.    DONATE TODAY click HERE.

JANUARY 2018: YMCA (AC LEWIS BRANCH) Logo Courington Law


YMCA is an inclusive organization of men, women and children joined together by a shared commitment to nurturing the potential of kids, promoting healthy lives and fostering a sense of social responsibility. Today’s Ys serve thousands of U.S. communities, uniting 21 million children and adults of all ages, races, faiths, backgrounds, abilities and income levels.  At the Y, everyone is welcome. We enable kids to realize their potential, prepare teens for college, enable families to have fun together, empower people to live healthier, prepare people for employment, welcome and embrace newcomers and help foster a nationwide service ethic.


The New Orleans Collection is a museum, research center, and publisher dedicted to preserving the history and culture of New Orleans and the Gulf South.  It was founded in 1966 and has grown to include ten historic buildings making up two French Quarter campuses.  If you care to make a donation, checks can be made payable to “The Historic New Orleans Collection” and directed to the attention of Jack Pruitt, 533 Royal Street, New Orleans, LA 70130.


Save the Children invests in childhood – every day, in times of crisis and for our future. In the United States and around the world, they give children a healthy start, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm. By transforming children’s lives now, they change the course of children’s future and the world. Learn more about how you can support our future and DONATE TODAY!



Their mission is to cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma, and improve the quality of life of patients and their families. The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society exists to find cures and ensure access to treatments for blood cancer patients. They are the voice for all blood cancer patients and  work to ensure access to treatments for all blood cancer patients. There are many reasons to be proud to support LLS’s efforts –  more than 40% of new cancer therapies approved by the FDA between 2000 and 2015 were firwswt approved for blood cancer patients. Many of these LLS-supported therapies notly only help blood cancer patients but are now approved to treat patients with rare forms of stomach and skin cancers and non cancerous diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and other auto-immune diseases.   Kaye N. Courington has been honored to join this year’s efforts as the 2017 Woman of the Year Candidate.  The team goal is to raise $50,000.0 which will go directly to LLS. 


The ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE was founded to stop the defamation of the Jewish people and to secure justice and fair treatment to all.  Their mission is for those who seem different are not targets of discrimination and threats, but are equals, worthy of shared opportunity and a place in the American dream. The goal is to continually develop new programs, policies and skills to expose and combat whatever holds us back. We are focused on what brings us closer to this ideal. Ours is a shared journey.



The SECOND HARVESTERS OF GREATER NEW ORLEANS was founded in 1982 by Archbishop Philip M. Hannan, Bishop Roger P. Morin, and Gregory Ben Johnson, Director of the Social Apostolate of the Archdiocese. By July 1983 the food bank was distributing food to 23 faith-based and nonprofit member agencies. On September 13, 1985, Second Harvest Food Bank became a fully accredited member of America’s Second Harvest – The Nation’s Food Bank Network, allowing it to receive large donations from all over the country. A merger in 1989 with The Food Bank for Emergencies of Greater New Orleans, Inc. led to the addition of the emergency food box program to the food bank’s efforts to reclaim food that was going to waste. As it grew, the organization went through several name changes, finally becoming Second Harvest Food Bank of Greater New Orleans and Acadiana in 2004. To donate, click HERE to donate.


 The FORUM FOR EQUALITY LOUISIANA is Louisiana’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) human rights organization dedicated to the establishment of a society free from discrimination and to the support of good government. Since 1989, Forum has been active in Louisiana by helping to pass civil rights advancements for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.  Forum for Equality Foundation is a 501c3 organization that develops and implements educational programs on LGBT issues and conducts comprehensive campaigns to generate public support for equal rights.  Forum for Equality Louisiana is a 501c4 organization that hosts our lobbying and advocacy efforts.  Forum for Equality advocates for change across Louisiana, such as working with partners on Be Fair Shreveport to extend employment, housing, and accommodations protections for the LGBT community, and working with the NOPD to implement their first ever LGBT policy; protecting city employees from discrimination in Baton Rouge, Monroe, Lafayette, Lake Charles, Jefferson Parish, Bossier City, and Shreveport; defeating anti-LGBT legislation that would harm and restrict rights and freedoms; engaging legislators, organizations, communities and allies across the state to ensure expanded rights for the LGBT community; educating communities on hate crimes, economic impact of discrimination, faith, and equality through media, town halls, seminars, and public forums; and, building coalitions such as being a leading partner in the Safe School coalition “Stop Bullying Louisiana” in partnership with disability, education, social justice, and progressive organizations.